Our services

I want to buy a property

Buying a property requires a number of decisions that the buyer must make. It is a time and emotionally demanding process. It will probably be more important for you to dedicate your time to family and work. That is why we are ready to help you find a suitable property.

I want to sell a property

Selling a property is usually a very emotional moment. It is necessary to go through a several-month process full of procedural, legal and negotiating steps, which take time, energy and many times take away the taste and mood.

Estimate your property

We will arrange an estimate of your property by one of the renowned real estate appraisers, with whom we have long-term cooperation in securing the subsequent financing of the property.

Mortgage services

As part of our services, we are able to provide our clients with mortgage financing when purchasing a real estate, and we cooperate with a number of strong financial institutions. We will provide our clients with better financing conditions than if they had solved the mortgage independently.

Services for landlords

Do you have a real estate as an investment? Do you not know how to best and most effectively approach the investment? We will advise you and help with this investment.

Services for tenants

Are you looking for a suitable space for rent, housing, business or other needs? Often, it's really a lot of time spent searching, touring, worrying about being cheated.